A Sliver of Normalcy

The cover of the Sunday New York Times featured an article about how outdoor dining is keeping the hospitality industry afloat. The article referred to the restaurants' ability to serve a fraction of what it handled pre-pandemic as providing a "sliver of normalcy." Ever since I read it, I can't stop thinking about what a "sliver of normalcy" looks like in my world. As the pandemic lingers on, two hurricanes bear down on the U.S. and wildfires rage in California, life is feeling like anything but normal, so I'll take a sliver. The PR universe continues to serve up back-to-back meetings, they're just all on screens. Clients are still marketing to their customers. It's the way they're doing it that is different. Yep - more screens. Some businesses are still waiting on the sidelines to re-open, while plenty more have jumped back in. Others have tried and failed. And then there are the kind words and accolades. The clients and reporters who tell us what a great job we're doing. Amid the mayhem, it's nice to know the good work we're doing gets recognized. That's a sliver I can live with. The highlight of my week is the Friday morning call I have with the city's top boutique PR firm owners. While technically we compete for the same business, we are all friends. Over the years we've tried in vain to schedule dinners; the hectic business of PR always seems to get in the way. Then along comes a pandemic. Dinner is obviously off the table, but for the first time ever, we actually connect on a weekly basis. We share insights on a wide range of topics, some work-related, some not -- from best practices to worst nightmares. Yes - the kind words from clients and reporters help. But the real words -- the truths I share with my PR friends -- keep me going. Perhaps we're only operating on a fraction of our sanity, but we all have those connections with whom we share our truths. Perhaps herein lines the sliver of normalcy.

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