Giving Back Feels So Good

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, our entire team met in person for a socially distanced community service project.

And it felt amazing!!

Inspired leadership and community service are important to me. So is providing hands-on, instructional and meaningful experiences for my team. Yet since the start of the pandemic, our day of volunteering was one of just a handful of times I've been with my full-time team and the very first time I met our interns in person.

Imagine what these past months have been like only interacting with these hard-working folks on a screen. This is public relations, after all. Well of course, you don't have to imagine it -- you're living it as well.

So when our client, Helping Mamas lifted its restrictions on in-person volunteering, we jumped at the opportunity to roll up our sleeves together as a team.

Did you know that three out of five families struggle with diaper insecurity? As Georgia's only baby supply bank, Helping Mamas distributes period products, diapers, clothes and baby supplies to more than 150 service organizations across the state.

Masked and socially distanced, our LLPR team sorted through dozens of boxes, cataloging all the amazing donations that will go out to families in need.

As much as we complain about Zoom fatigue, it's the isolation that's most challenging. Rates of infection are spiking around the world -- sickening more than 54.6 million people (+3.9 million since last week) and killing at least 1,320,100 (+59,300 in the past week) -- making it clear that this pandemic is getting worse before it gets better. That made safely coming together as a team for a greater good all the more inspiring.

As we head into Thanksgiving, many of us won't be with our families. It's my favorite holiday -- a time to come together over good food, great friends and heartfelt conversations. But this year those visits for many of us will be via Zoom. And after seeing a warehouse full of baby supplies that will go to parents who would otherwise be washing disposable diapers because they can't afford to buy new, missing out on turkey together just doesn't seem like such a hardship.

It felt good to step away from our screens for well-needed (and socially distanced) time together. As we sat on the floor of a warehouse counting out bibs and baby clothes, it was not lost on any of us that no matter how big our problems seem, there are countless others in our community struggling even more.

It felt good to come together as a team. It felt great to give back.

If you're interested in giving back, check out Mary Welch's great article in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution about where you can volunteer this holiday season.

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