A Week of Firsts

We're just days away from the election and a record 60 million Americans have already cast their early votes, which is more than the total combined absentee and early ballots cast in 2016.

That's a first!

Another first? The U.S. has set a new record for new Covid cases on a seven-day average: 69,000, surpassing the previous record set back in July.

An inspiring first?

Pope Francis has named America's first Black cardinal. And he's a former Atlantan who is also an advocate for LGBTQ Catholics. In a surprise announcement Sunday from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis named Wilton Gregory, the archbishop of Washington, D.C., among 13 new cardinals.

A funny first?

SNL was actually really good this past Saturday. Like the best it's been since the start of the pandemic. Adele hosted and H.E.R. was the musical guest. The skits were funny and relevant. Even though Adele wasn't supposed to perform, they created a hilarious spoof on "The Bachelor," which included her singing some of her greatest hits. And in her final skit, she did that awesome thing when actors break character and crack themselves completely up. Check it out.

A "new normal" first?

The spookiest night of the year really can't compare to how scary 2020 has been. We say bring it on Halloween! We'll be masked, socially distanced and ready to leave out a bucket of candy at the risk of one mean kid stealing it all. There's going to be a full moon (the first time in 19 years we've had one on Halloween). And with costumes like sourdough starter, RBG and Cardi B from the WAP video topping the list of best 2020 costumes, we're going to have fun with it.

Still, it will be the first time we break from the tradition of handing out candy at our friends' house in Ansley. We make chili and give whole candy bars. It sounds basic, but it's the simple things we miss right now: Hugging an old friend, epic birthday parties and squeezing into a banquette at a packed restaurant.

Who knows what the future holds. Although SNL tackled that too with this skit. One thing is for sure, and that is we have the power to make change. Don't forget to vote!

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