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Aiming for Work/Life Balence

June 9, 2021

Heading into summer, it's finally starting to feel like we can let our collective hair down a bit. We're traveling, dining out with friends and hugging like crazy. Just as quickly as the pandemic hit us, the CDC has reversed course with its recommended protocols and we're nearly back to normal.

Does it feel a little weird? Absolutely! Especially considering that Europe is dealing with the latest new strain.

It seems clear that we'll never get back to the life we once lived. The actual normal. I can't imagine ever flying without a mask again, even if allowed. I still side-eye passersby to make sure they're masked. Sometimes I do the imperfect math imagining how many people they've been exposed to.

But still, we're better off than we were before, if not as good as we were to begin with.

These past few months have made me reflective. Like when we used to ask our Jack Russell Terrier, Pinkie: "what kind of dog do you want to be?" If you've ever owned a JRT, you know the answer. I'm not implying that I intend to be so naughty as to chew up your shoes, but I am aiming for more of a work/life balance.

The more I understand about the staggering demand for labor throughout nearly all sectors of the economy, the more I realize that most folks are just burned out. Frontline workers are spent. We're all a little spent. Sure, some people would like to continue to receive unemployment, but plenty more want to get back to work. Just not the work that's exhausted them.

As we all contemplate our pandemic pivots, I'm dialing back the frequency of this newsletter through the summer. You'll still find us in your inbox with great news about what's happening around town. Just not on a weekly basis. You can follow us here on LinkedIn as well as Insta and FB as we continue to do meaningful work with great clients and enjoy spending time with our families, friends and horses.

Thanks for reading!!

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