And We'll Never Be Royals

It's hard not to be fascinated by the royal family. The pomp and traditions. The ceremony of it all. And of course, our shared love of horses. Add to that the Cinderella story we envisioned Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's to be, and you've pretty much got us hooked.

What a royal mess.

If you missed Oprah's interview with the now-former royal couple, you most likely read the shocking reveals. It was far from the storybook romance we imagined. In fact, it seems that the royals are racists.

Yes - we only heard one side. Harry and Meghan relinquished their royal responsibilities and moved to LA with baby Archie and (another big reveal) a baby girl on the way. It's not clear why they wanted to tell their story. But they did. And it surely ruffled royal feathers. The royal family is traditionally tight lipped. But British tabloids have since had a field day. Their steady steam of nasty press about Meghan begs the question: is the tail wagging the dog?

We'll never really know what went on behind the palace doors. It wasn't even clear if Meghan understood it. The royals knew who they were getting. Meghan was an outspoken women's rights activist when she and Harry met. In fact, their bent for advocacy is what brought them together. So why silence her after they married? It also seemed odd that she would have been so ill-equipped to assume the role. How did she not know how to curtsy?

In the end, it's hard not to compare much of this to the plight of Princess Diana. Meghan talked about being so despondent she considered suicide. From the outside looking in, she seemed to shine. But you never really know what someone is struggling with.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we find ourselves rooting for this strong woman who let herself be vulnerable so that her story of overcoming adversity could be heard. That's the feminist in us talking. The hopeless romantic is gushing over the prince who stood by his wife and left all that he knew - including unimaginable privilege - to live a mere mortal's life with the love of his life in LA.

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