Anyone Else Confused?

This year has certainly thrown us some zingers. And with so much happening in the news, we thought we'd take a minute to shed some light on one story that may have slipped past you.

Did you know there was a special election to fill Georgia's 5th Congressional District seat last week?

This one is confusing, at best, so here's what you need to know. Because, no matter where you stand politically, it's important to understand the system.

When the late, great Congressman John Lewis died, the Democratic Party of Georgia selected State Senator Nikema Williams to run against the Republican nominee, Angela Stanton-King, an author and reality TV personality, in the November 3 general election. But that still left the seat open until the winner gets sworn-in in January.

Unlike when Senator Johnny Isakson vacated his seat and Governor Brian Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler to replace him, to temporarily fill Congressman Lewis's seat, the governor opted to hold a special election.

Are you with us?

Georgia's 5th Congressional District comprises Metro Atlanta, including parts of DeKalb and Clayton counties. Lewis held the seat for 33 years before he died of late-stage advanced pancreatic cancer in July.

Last Tuesday, seven candidates vied for the temporary seat via a special election, yet none claimed the required 50% of the vote to win. So, the two with the most votes, former City Councilman Kwanza Hall and past Morehouse College president Robert Franklin, have advanced to a runoff special election on Tuesday, December 1.

If you're still with us, you get that you will vote on Tuesday, November 3 to fill the two-year term replacing Lewis, and again on Tuesday, December 1 to temporarily fill his seat for just one month.

Rick Rojas did a good job of explaining this in his always great reporting for the New York Times.

If it feel like this is just par for the course of 2020, you're probably right. Still, Congressman Lewis was a huge advocate for voting rights. He got in good trouble for us all. In his honor, and no matter how confusing this is, please vote. It matters.

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