Black History Month Reads

As we celebrate Black History Month this February, we are honoring, remembering, and educating ourselves on Black history. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of our favorite reads by Black authors. Whether you're looking to be inspired, motivated to chase your dreams, or dive into an incredible story, we have a quick list of books that will captivate you each chapter.

Natalia's pick: “More Than Enough” by Elaine Welteroth

"When the music changes, so does the dance."

Elaine Welteroth is a fantastic writer. Her story is inspiring and empowering. In “More Than Enough,” she touches on issues like misogyny, racism, and coming into her own during her journey from a young girl afraid to speak up to editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. If you have just graduated from school or lost a job and are feeling a little lost, look no further. I have never highlighted a book more. Each chapter made me want to celebrate my differences and encouraged me to be brave in a world that has told me to be little.

Amel’s pick: “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett

One of 2020's bestselling novels, “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett explores race, family, identity, and belonging through the story of two twin sisters who run away from a small Black community in the south. From the 1950s to the 90s, Bennett weaves together their relationship as one sister moves back to their small town with her daughter, and the other isolates herself after choosing to secretly pass as white. An exciting dive into how experience is shaped by race -- you will not put this book down until the last page is flipped.

Libby's pick:

“Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person” by Shonda Rhimes

In “Year of Yes,” the mega-talented creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder chronicles the powerful impact saying “yes” had on every aspect of her life—and how we can all change our lives with one little word. YES.

Liz’s pick:

“A Promised Land” by Barrack Obama

"I experienced failure and learned to buck up so I could rally those who'd put their trust in me. I suffered rejections and insults often enough to stop fearing them. In other words, I grew up—and got my sense of humor back."

― Barack Obama, A Promised Land

Obama's journey is beautifully written, fascinating, and described in great detail. Hearing his reflection of being a world leader is raw and hopeful. He discusses his regrets, frustrations, and successes. Hindsight is 20/20, and he is both humbled and emboldened by his victories and failures.

Jacqueline's pick: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

The lessons Michelle Obama delivers in her memoir are sure to move you. From her childhood, schooling at Princeton and Harvard, becoming a mother, her duties as a First Lady, she brings you along on the journey of how she became the impactful woman she is today. The documentary "Becoming" is also available on Netflix.

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