Crochet for Fall

I’ve found that picking up a new hobby can be a great way to occupy yourself while working and schooling from home. Between my virtual PR internship and the online university classes I’m taking this fall, my eyes could really use a break from staring at a screen all day. Lucky for me (and my eyes), I’ve landed on the perfect offline hobby for me -- crocheting! Having an ongoing project in your life gives you something to look forward to, and the end result of getting to use your new crocheted creation is so rewarding.

It is proven that repetitive motions like crocheting can help relax your body and brain, so it’s the perfect activity for me if I’m ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Crocheting also helps improve your fine motor skills by exercising your hands. You may need to give yourself some time to get used to the motions, but once you’ve learned a pattern, you’ll be able to repeat it without even thinking. You can get as creative as you want and make things you’ll use regularly. 

So, if you’re looking for a fun fall hobby, crocheting is a great way to keep yourself occupied as we face more indoor time this fall. You can create sweaters, blankets, hats -- the possibilities are endless! Plus, it's both fashionable and practical as the weather gets colder. And with the holidays near, these knit creations make for truly sentimental hand-made gifts for your loved ones.

Along with apparel and blankets, crocheting can be used for charming home décor. I’ve been brainstorming what my first crochet project for fall should be and then it hit me – pumpkins! To kick off the beginning of October, I thought it would be fun to make little pumpkin figures to put throughout my house since Halloween is canceled

I found this amazing step-by-step tutorial that I used as inspiration and decided to go for it! This was so quick and easy and would be a perfect first project for a beginner -- check it out!

Summary of steps:

Conjure up your materials. 

You will need any color yarn of your choosing. One color will be used for the base of the pumpkin and the other will be used for the stem. I snagged whatever yarn I had lying around, so my pumpkin will be a bit more abstract with its navy-blue stem! You’ll also need fiber filling and a crochet hook.

Witches get stitches

Start off by making 21 “chains” (you can increase the number of chains and rows if you’d like a larger pumpkin). Next, make 20 “half-double" crochets, working in the back loops only. Continue this pattern until you have about 28 rows. Connect both ends of your work with “slip” stitches.

Cut a large strand of yarn and weave it through the border of the pumpkin. Pull tightly to secure one end.

Stuff the pumpkin with the filling then secure the other end so that you have a sphere.

Cut another long strand of yarn and use it to create the creases in the pumpkin. I made six (6) creases


Magic loops and stems.

Finally, create your stem using a “magic” loop and single crocheting in every stitch for seven (7) rounds. Secure the stem onto the top of the pumpkin and Voila! Your pumpkin is complete.

My little pumpkin found its home on my mom’s desk. I love how it turned out and I love that I can hold on to it for next year instead of tossing it like you would a real pumpkin.

I can’t wait to make more of these in every single color! They make for great desk decorations, and if you’re up for it -- a slightly larger version would be wonderful as a table centerpiece for Halloween. 

Thirsty for more? I'm tackling these adorable autumn leaf coasters next! 

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