ATLANTA (May 23, 2022) – Dirty Dog’s Car Wash (Dirty Dog’s) will acquire a Cactus Car Wash in Kennesaw to open its third location at 1585 Crater Lake Drive this July. This will be Dirty Dog’s second location in Georgia, after Calhoun, and the company plans to make significant improvements to the facility to enhance the customer experience and produce a much cleaner car.

The move comes on the heels of a $35 million strategic growth equity investment from Salt Lake City-based The Cynosure Group (Cynosure) to fund the company’s growth into key markets with an aim to open an additional 25 locations nationwide over the next 36 months.

“We look forward to servicing the vibrant Kennesaw community with clean cars and community support,” said Martin Emmett, CEO of Dirty Dog’s. “It’s nice to kick off our nationwide expansion with an opening in our own backyard.”

Started in 2018, Dirty Dog’s currently has locations in Georgia and Alabama with plans to open 13 more in Florida. As part of its expansion, the company remains committed to supporting first responders and local schools through its “Helping Heroes” program, which last year donated more than 10,000 car washes to clean squad cars.

“Community investment is a major pillar of our business model, First in Service, First in Community,” added Emmett, “From the start of our business, we made sure that our local frontline workers knew we were here to support them.”

In addition, Dirty Dog’s boasts an enhanced customer experience, elevated branding and quality design. By prioritizing a clean, modern, self-serve design, Dirty Dog’s will continue to build customer loyalty to the Kennesaw market and beyond.

“We are offering cleanliness at a time when people need it,” said Emmett. “And we are determined to continue supporting our communities locally as we grow nationally.”

About Dirty Dogs Car Wash

Founded in 2018, Dirty Dogs Car Wash wanted to create a different kind of car wash experience, one fueled by our commitment to our customers, employees and the communities where we are located. We know anyone can wash a car, and we believe our values, First in Service, First in Community, are what set us apart in the industry.  Dirty Dogs Car Wash provides fast, efficient and affordable car washes.

For more information on their services and locations, visit dirtydogscarwash.com.


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