Do you Believe The Rumours?

After months of mudslinging and attack ads leading up to the election and then days of uncertainty following it, we have a winner.

This newsletter is not a platform either to gloat or bash. So let's please put politics aside, because we certainly don't need anymore fighting.

I hope we can hold this space and mark the moment where we can move forward and maybe even enjoy a few memes.

Because politics isn't the only battleground where something good can emerge. In fact, this election has got me thinking about one of the greatest albums of all time.

Join me on the journey that is . . . the making of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours."

Rolling Stone described the battles that brewed behind the scenes of arguably Fleetwood Mac's greatest as fueled by "elaborate entanglements, enormous amounts of money and mountains of cocaine." We can chalk that last part up to the era. It was 1977. But the elaborate entanglements are what has always struck me about this masterpiece of music.

Here's how it went down: Lead singer, Stevie Nicks had recently broken up with her longtime lover and band mate, Lindsey Buckingham. Christine and John McVie -- the singer and bassist respectively -- were embroiled in a nasty divorce. And Mick Fleetwood was cheating on his wife with Nicks. Throw in the cocaine, and you can see where it gets bad.

The band's personal lives were a complete mess. Yet they poured those emotions into brutally honest, he-said-she-said lyrics laced with catchy, pop beats. In the end, the album was so good and the musical connection so strong, the band survived.

For more than 40 years, "Rumours" has been our nation's anthem of hard times – a symbol of overcoming adversity for the sake of something greater than personal problems.

If Fleetwood Mac can do it, maybe we can too.

Turn off the news. Take a breath. And listen to the remastered (Super Deluxe) "Rumours." Drink it in.

I'm not saying this is going to save us. The election was nowhere near the "Landslide" some anticipated. We are split and we remain divided. Sure, you could "Go Your Own Way," but "Don't Stop" thinking about tomorrow. And go ahead - spread some Rumours.

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