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If you had told us back in February that the Iowa caucus debacle would pale in comparison to how crazy this year would turn out, we wouldn't have believed you.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you can't make this sh#it up. 

After months of mudslinging, robocalls and texts, here we are. If you haven't already done so, today's the day to vote. 

Wondering where to vote? CLICK HERE.

Wondering who to vote for? Then you're the target of both sides' last-ditch efforts to sway undecided voters. While Georgia has been voting red for decades, it is potentially up for grabs and both candidates are vying for our affections.

What else should you know? Due to a special election this year to fill Senator Johnny Isakson's vacated seat, there are two senate races in play, which is another reason all eyes are on Georgia.

Wondering what you get (besides the feel-goods for exercising your right as an American)?

National companies are giving away freebies, from Krispy Kreme (free donut!) to Boston Market (free slider after 9 p.m.) when you show your sticker. Even our family's fave Cheshire Bridge special occasion hot spot, Nakato is giving away a free Super Crunch Roll with orders of $30 or more when you use the code Super Tuesday.

Due to the pandemic, you probably won't be attending any packed election night parties. But even if you do, we're most likely not going to know who won for a while. With record numbers of people having already early and absentee voted, there will certainly be some contesting going on.

We'll leave you with this past Saturday's SNL skit "Strollin'" where a group of voters amble around town getting turned away from polls. Don't let this happen to you!

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