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How to Productively End Your Workday as an Intern

College breeds habits that are not necessarily sustainable when entering the workforce. All-nighters were standard, and I always found myself with a running list of tasks pending completion. I was often stressed and constantly thinking about school.

Since I have graduated from college, I have learned to adopt a few habits that allow me to end my day as stress-free and productively as possible. It is a huge sigh of relief for me to close my laptop at the end of the day and know that everything is in order for the next day. Check out some of my favorite tips:

Plan for tomorrow:

Instead of immediately closing your laptop and leaving your desk, make time at the end of the day to figure out tasks for the next day. I personally like to write down what I have completed in the day and what needs to be carried over to tomorrow. Find a system that works for you and be consistent.

Clean your workspace:

While many of us are working from home, it is very easy for your workspace to get messy. At the end of the day, tidy up to allow for a fresh start in the morning. This includes your computer desktop, too! Files make their way into various folders and onto my desktop throughout the day, leaving my computer a little chaotic. I like to have a folder on my desktop for projects “in progress” and one for “completed” where I can create sub-folders to organize further. Again, find a system that works for you and be consistent. At the end of the day, a little effort will make a world of difference next time you need to hunt for a file that you named “kaljdfoilakjdflkajsdf.pdf” last week.

Touch base with your colleagues:

As an intern at LLPR, I send an email at the end of the day with a list of my projects in progress with updates. This is a great way to know that I am on the right track with my work as I move on to the next day.

The transition from college into an internship or your first job is a huge jump. Hopefully, these tips can help you make an easier and more organized transition!

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