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Is this Georgia business Covid-proof?

COVID-19 has shuttered countless industries, while others have pivoted during the economic downturn. Then there are businesses that have thrived throughout the pandemic.

Among the latter, contact-free car washes are socially distanced and attainably priced, which makes them not just COVID compliant, they’re nearly recession-proof.

A trip to the car wash is a safe and easy way to get out of the house. And after months of feeling like we’ve lost all control, a clean car is like putting on lipstick – it’s a quick, easy and cost-effective boost.

Dirty Dogs Car Wash in Georgia has actually experienced a burst of growth during COVID, and with that comes plans to expand.

When founder Martin Emmett set out to ditch his career in law, he looked at several different businesses before landing on a traditional carwash. After a couple of learning years, they saw the value in a contact-free model, requiring less staff and more time efficiency.

With Dirty Dogs Car Wash, they offer key differentiators, including an enhanced customer experience, elevated branding and quality design. It was a front-end investment that paid off.

"We wanted to launch a business model that focused on quality user experience at every step,” said Emmett. “So, we created a carwash that is modern, clean, affordable and functional for everyone, with all the bells and whistles.”

They enlisted Brandiose, a California-based branding firm known for building brands for baseball teams, to create a playful, intentional, community-minded brand. Among its brand attributes, Dirty Dogs has always supported teachers, law enforcement and first responders through monthly events, discounts and their “Helping Heroes” program.

“Community investment is a major pillar of our business model,” said Keisha Escoffery, head of marketing, Dirty Dogs Car Wash. “From the start of our business, we made sure that our local frontline workers knew we were here to support them, which intensified during the pandemic.”

By prioritizing clean, modern, self-serve design, Dirty Dogs built customer loyalty, which grew during COVID, and their dedication to community has further instilled trust and loyalty.

“We were offering cleanliness at a time when people needed it,” said Emmett. “Even in a down economy, we were determined to keep our prices affordable and to continue supporting our communities and, in turn, they continued to support us.”

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