Making History

I love words. I'm sure all PR people do. They are the tools we use as storytellers. Outside of work, one of my favorite pastimes is word games, and particularly, the New York Times Crossword.

I've often imagined what it's like to come up with the overall theme, all the clues and the connecting words. And then yesterday, a classmate of my step-daughter's became the youngest woman ever to have a crossword puzzle published in the New York Times. It took 17-year-old Soleil Saint-Cyr two weeks to come up with all 74 words, including the answer to 32 Down's Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, for two. Answer: Georgians.

Saint-Cyr joins the ranks of the youngest poet laureate, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman, and Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, who at 25 will be the second-youngest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl. Funnily, he faces Tom Brady, who at age 43 is the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl.

So, we're cheering on the young people this week. Covid has not been easy for you. You missed your proms and graduations. You've bounced from virtual to in-person and back again. And you're getting way too used to screens for socialization. You should know that no matter what the world is dealing you right now, it will pass. And just like that you could pen a New York Times Crossword or take your team to the Super Bowl.

Honestly, it's not easy for any of us right now. Stay safe out there.

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