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“Moms Helping Moms” Featuring Jennifer Lapidus

Jennifer Lapidus is an acclaimed baker, miller and author of “Southern Ground: Reclaiming Flavor Through Stone-Milled Flour.” Based in Asheville, NC, Jen pivoted during the pandemic with a new baking book. She also met the unbridled demand of home bakers by expanding her retail offerings. All the while being an awesome mom to her adult daughter, Hannah.

If the name rings a bell – she's Liz’s sister.

Jen sat down with Helping Mama’s founder and CEO, Jamie Lackey on Instagram Live to discuss how she connected the farmer + miller + baker through her acclaimed Carolina Ground Mill, which provides flour to bakers throughout the nation.

Before she was a miller, Jen was a bread baker. The 2008 housing bubble caused the price of flour to skyrocket. Unfortunately, she couldn’t charge more for the artisan bread she baked.

Jen decided to pursue writing and obtained a Master’s degree in creative nonfiction from Goucher College. Soon after, she took a risk and wrote a grant proposal that resulted in a life changing cold call from the director of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. With funding for the grant, she started what would become her mill, connecting farmer, miller and baker.

It is incredible to see how far Jen’s passion was able to take her, and how she taught her daughter to have the courage to pursue her own passions, like attending college in Paris and London and pursuing her own Master’s degree from London School of Economics.

From baking burn-out to finding a love for writing and promoting the revival of stone-milled flour in the Southeast, this single mom shares how her passion in an open and engaging conversation with Jamie on Instagram!

Purchase a copy of “Southern Ground: Reclaiming Flavor Through Stone-Milled Flour” at your local, independent bookstore, Amazon or Target.

And if you want to keep helping us support incredible moms, get involved with Helping Mamas by donating or volunteering!

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