The Most Important Fashion News You'll Read THIS Week

Yep - we're going for it. The Bernie meme.

Can you blame us?

We thought 2021 would give us a reprieve from the mayhem of 2020, but within minutes of calling the Georgia Senate election the Capitol was under siege, and that was just the first week of January. Then the conversation shifted to not if but when we would again impeach our president for an unprecedented second time. All the while he was trying in vain to overturn the results of November's election that ousted him from office. We lost CNN commentator Larry King and the great Hammering Hank Aaron.

And it's still just January.

Yes, the inauguration brought us some welcome good news in the form of compelling fashion choices. Michelle Obama slayed in Sergio Hudson, Lady Gaga did as she always does so beautifully in custom Shiaparelli, J-Lo was chic in Chanel and poet Amanda Gorman complemented a bright yellow Prada coat with a red headband.

But Bernie Sanders' mittens gave us all the feels.

We needed some levity and he provided it in spades. Bernie might never be president, but he's brought us so much joy in trying. We continue to feel the Bern with your whacky fashion choices, sir. Thank you!!

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