We've Got Good News This Week

Just when I thought 2020 was going to do me in, one simple but amazing news story lifted my spirits and I've been doing a little happy dance ever since.

Atlanta restaurant writer Angela Hansberger hasn't had much to pen to for the past several months. Restaurants are closing, not opening. So, like the brave souls who work in hospitality and we hard-working publicists who let you know about them, she pivoted.

At the start of the pandemic, Angela's uncle built her a wee little picnic table, just for fun. She set it up outside and along came a chipmunk. The little guy perched himself on the bench and waited to be served. So she did what any foodie would do - she cooked for him every day for the bulk of the pandemic.

Angela chronicles her chipmunk culinary adventures in a brilliant piece for Bon Appetit. It's a must-read.

In other good news, a 14-year-old girl may have found a cure for COVID.We're cheering on Anika Chebrolu, from Frisco, TX, who just won the 20203M Young Scientist Challenge -- and a $25,000 prize -- for her discovery.

Hungry for more good news? Open wide! The San Francisco Zoo & Gardens reported last week that someone stole its 21-year-old lemur. That one kind of stuck with us. I mean, who steals a lemur? Thanks to one observant dad, the lemur was recovered at a playground just a few miles away. Whew!

And how about this? I had been dying to see "David Byrne's American Utopia" on Broadway before the shutdown, and this past weekend the movie version that Byrne produced with Spike Lee dropped on HBO. Beyond simply indulging my Talking Heads obsession and checking another must-see Broadway show off my list, what's cool about this is that it was born from Byrne’s pre-2016 impulse to collect and collate news of genuine hope and human advancement. What also came out of that was his editorial nonprofit Reasons To Be Cheerful, which is a great read if you need good news.

We're not shedding insights into the election, the spread of COVID or any other hard news story this week. But we could all use a break from it too.

It's Fall in Atlanta, which means the weather is beautiful, the leaves are changing and we're tucking another season under our belts in this long and crazy journey that is 2020.

This week, we're just sharing a little bit of good news that will hopefully lift your spirits.

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