Wellness Wednesday: Tips to Improve your Overall Wellness

Happy Wednesday!  

Wellness is essential to help balance different aspects of our life. Mental, physical, social and emotional health are all connected, and the last few months may have presented challenges in finding satisfaction in these areas of our life.  

Here are some tips for practicing wellness today and every day:

Make your own wellness rules

  • Health looks different for everyone, including emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, social, spiritual and occupational areas of our life. It can be a daily battle to balance all those areas. We are all unique and different, meaning our wellness rules will be different as well. Identifying activities and habits that are the most restorative for you can help with finding balance in all areas of your health.  

Take a break from social media 

  • We can all benefit from a social media cleanse to limit connection to our constantly plugged-in society. Seeing other people's curated, polished images of happy and attractive moments can set up some unrealistic expectations for ourselves. If you're feeling general stress from the pandemic, scrolling through social media can add to this stress. There are many benefits from taking a digital break, so take some time out of your day to check on yourself as much as you check social media.  

Practice meditation or find time to breathe

  • Deep breathing and meditation can allow your body to process thoughts, slow your heartbeat, which can help stabilize your blood pressure and lower stress. Try incorporating deep breaths and five minutes of meditation into your daily routine, even if it may feel uncomfortable at first. Try to dismiss the idea that you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself each day. Even just a few minutes of breathing or meditation counts.  

Practice kindness and active listening 

  • At a young age, we were taught various ways to practice kindness. But as we age, we sometimes forget those things. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the people around us is to be kind and to listen. We have hundreds of opportunities throughout the day to practice kindness. Asking someone how they are, reaching out to an old friend, picking up litter, etc. These acts can help lower our stress, the stress of other people around us, and create a positive ripple effect in our world. And chances are, if you actively practice kindness towards others, you will be kind to yourself too.  

Nourish your body and enjoy your life

  • Take time out of your day to move your body in whatever way you please. It doesn’t need to be strenuous, but movement has various health benefits that can improve your overall wellness. Practice feeding your body with nourishing, healthy food but don’t forget that food is meant to be enjoyable too! Cook and feed yourself with sustenance that makes you feel good but also hits the satisfaction you desire.  

Everyday wellness practices help to de-stress and strike a balance in your life. It is important not to let your practices become a subject to perfectionism and give yourself patience and peace, knowing that even just giving yourself 10 minutes out of the day will serve its benefits. Take a break each day to practice an existing wellness habit or start a new one. Remember to give yourself credit for showing up and trying your best each day and enjoy the space between where you are now and where you are going.  

“The future is nothing more than the outcome of what you are doing in the present.” - Jennae Cecelia 

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