Why The New Year Officially Starts NOW

Yesterday marked "National Clean Off Your Desk Day." We imagine some office supply company came up with the "holiday" to sell us more post-it notes or pens. It's interesting to consider what a desk even looks like in the time of Covid. Maybe it's your kitchen counter or corner of your bedroom where you're struggling to find the only clean and quiet spot to perch for your daily Zoom calls.

When we turned the page on 2020, we had high hopes the new year would bring positive change. Now, with last week's Capitol riots in the rearview and Martin Luther King Day coming up this Monday, we're a bit shell-shocked.

We want to kick off the year with our annual team vision boarding session where we pass magazines around the conference table and cut out aspirational images, but we're not back at the office quite yet.

We'll try it on Zoom.

We had hoped to end last year with our annual team brainstorm at some fabulous spot with yummy food. Instead, we each ordered into our respective homes and Zoomed. No shortage of great ideas, but we longed to connect in person.

The pandemic hasn't been all bad. We got a lot of clarity. As we sheltered in place, we stayed out of our cars and reduced our carbon footprint. We were more conscious of what we consumed and the waste we produced. We cooked more, tried baking, talked to each other and tried a lot of ideas on for size.

We don't miss traffic, rushing to and from meetings or high heels.

Ok, we kind of miss high heels.

We're hungry for warm comfort food consumed in tightly packed banquettes at our favorite tiny French bistro. We catch ourselves wanting to run to a co-worker's desk with a question or update. We could use a hug.

We know the tide will turn. And we've become stronger as a team having gone through this together. Still, a clean desk in an office full of great minds just might be what we put on our vision boards this year. The world can take away a lot of things. But we can still dream.

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